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Business Interests

Heir to thefortune of the fabulous de Spoelberch family in Belgium, the late Viscountess Amicie de Spoelberch had earned respect and admiration for her unassuming ways and virtue as a noble woman. The de Spoelberch family is involved in international scale businesses, most notably in the brewery sector. Her family is one of the stakeholders in the world’s largest brewery firm, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV. AB InBev has its global headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. The large firm is a multinational brewing and beverage company. It has also has its main offices in several parts of the world including: New York City; São Paulo; St. Louis; London; Mexico City; Johannesburg; Toronto; Buenos Aires, among others.

With over 400 brands among its many product offerings manufactured in more than 50 countries, AB InBev continues to engage in successful business the world over. It offers many of the world’s most loved and finest beers and amazingly provides a unique brew to suit every occasion. Constantly leading the way for other progressive companies like it, AB InBev has been recognized for pushing the boundaries, introducing the public to refreshingly new tastes and experiences that people can truly appreciate because of the many choices they offer to more people from all over the globe. AB InBev is a multinational company that has successfully utilized its resources and energy to make a positive impact on the world. The large brewing firm supports the livelihood of multitudes of farmers and retailers. More importantly. AB InBev has set the bar in water efficiency and has helped improve access to clean water and reduce impact on the environment.

The late Viscountess Amicie de Spoelberch herself had been interested in topics on investments. Her illustrious family may have held various business interests, but the late Viscountess indulged in amazingly simple pleasures while she was still alive, including spending time with her family.