About Us

Children Action is a Swiss Foundation which aims to provide practical assistance to children in Switzerland and around the globe. This includes medical care, psychological support, and many other services required by children in need. Essentially, the charity aims to help children who have not received much support in life, children who have been left defenceless against disease, poverty and conflict. The charity attracts many big names. Eric Clapton, Johnny Hallyday and model Elle Macpherson have all dedicated their time and/or talent to Children Action. Additionally, businesses, brands and entrepreneurs have gotten involved, such as shop Colette in Paris, Patek Philippe and international fashion brand Kookai. Even successful entrepreneurs, brothers Alexis and Patrice Bailo de Spoelberch, contributed and participated in developing Children Action. The foundation provides for societies most vulnerable: the children.  

For further information on the foundation, please visit: http://www.childrenaction.org/donate/don.